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Tips For An Inviting Gathering

Have you ever walked into a gathering and it felt cold and uninviting? It is an uncomfortable feeling and we have all experienced it. Here are 5 simple tips that are easy to implement that will make your next gathering fun, welcoming and successful!

1 – Have background music playing. Choose music that is appropriate for your guest demographics as well as the theme of the gathering.

2 – Make sure you have people helping to greet guests if you cannot do it yourself.

3 – If guests do not all know each other, have name tags. Have guests write something on their name tag that gives for talking points. Example: Write below your name how you know the host of the party.

4 – Be sure to have food and drinks available when guests arrive!!! If you are serving a meal, have appetizers before hand while the meal is prepared.

5 – Don’t be afraid to have a mixer activity of some sort to get people mingling.

Get creative and don’t be afraid to think out of the box!

Thoughts and Tips with CCC

As I worked together with an Administrator at Stewart Title to develop a menu for a cooking demonstration I am doing for their employees to kick off the school year, I decided what a perfect time to start “Thoughts and Tips with CCC”!

So here we go……..

The Health and Wellness Department at Stewart Title is hosting this demonstration to highlight healthy snacks and lunches for the whole family.   One of the more common things I hear from people is they do not have the time to cook even if they like to cook.  Whether you have kids at home or not, let’s face it, eating healthy in this fast paced, fast food, instantaneous world is not easy!

I will make this tip simple and easy.  PROTEIN!  Healthy protein is key.  Protein is excellent for brain health and sustains you for longer periods of time.   So rather than giving you specific recipes, I want to spur you on to develop your own based on your lifestyle.

On the weekend, make a dish of your favorite LEAN protein to be used during the week (chicken, pork, turkey, lean beef).  Personally, I like to slow cook chicken or pork roast with fresh herbs and seasonings, a little canola oil and some type of acid like lemon, lime or tomatoes and then shred it up.  Keep your cooked protein of choice readily available in the refrigerator ready to pull out to make quick lunches or dinners.   If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can simply adapt the concept below with your favorite plant based protein and other items.


Bowl – Make whole grain rice or quinoa, top with your warmed, cooked protein and add other items you love like beans and peas, onions, tomatoes, olives, avocados, and more.

Wrap – Make a quick wrap for yourself or  the kids with a whole grain tortilla, your cooked protein and add-ons of your choice.

Lettuce Wraps – Boston lettuce, romaine, and leaf lettuce are all great choices!  Fill with your cooked protein, adds-ons of your choice, roll and go!

Pile on the protein and don’t forget to add nuts and seeds too!!!!

Condiments?  Add some salsa, splash of lime or lemon…..delicious!

Have fun, get creative and make it simple!  Invite your kids to come up with their favorite version or recipe!





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